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Play Touch

What is Touch?

Touch, also known as Touch Football or Touch Rugby around the world, is an exciting and fun sport that allows people of all walks of life to participate & compete.

Whether it’s the thrill of challenging yourself to compete in a team environment, or even just wanting to meet new people and have new experiences, playing Touch can lead to positive changes that will last a lifetime.

Touch is one of the rare collective sports that girls, boys, women and men enjoy together and against each other, with our Mixed competitions making Touch popular for every age category.

Touch, is derived from Rugby league which used a form of Touch for training purposes. After passing through a development period during the 1960’s, the game became popular during the 70’s and by early in the next decade, was established in all states and territories in Australia as a sport in its own right.

How to Play?

Touch is a minimal contact sport played on a pitch area of 70m x 50m. The game emphasizes running, agility, passing, catching, and communication.

Touch is often referred to as Touch Rugby, but there is NO tackling, lineouts, scrumming, or kicking involved. This makes it appealing to a wide range of ages and abilities, from juniors to masters and from slight to heavy builds.

Touch is one of the few team sports where men and women compete on teams together not only socially but at an international level.

Where to Play?

Our mission and goal is to grow the sport of Touch throughout the Czech Republic.

Junior Touch

There are more than 10 schools and clubs from around the country that currently compete in the Czech Junior Touch program which includes 3 key outdoor CRT events. Current age divisions include both U10 & U13, with planned expansion to include U15 and potentially more divisions in 2018 with the expansion of the sport. All junior teams are mixed, with boys and girls playing together with an emphasis on learning the game of touch and having fun!

Contact Paul@czechtouch.cz for more details on how your son and daughter can join the fastest growing sport in the Czech Republic.

Senior Touch

The adult/senior touch program is based from Prague. Training/Games are currently held during the summer season at Stadion Marketa on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. We more than welcome new players (men or women) of any skill level (we’ll provide your intro and training) to come and try Touch. Not only is it a great way to exercise, but the ever-growing multi-cultural playing group, provides a great social base and fun atmosphere for you to enjoy our sport.

For those who want a more serious & competitive edge – try out and join our Prague Elite training squad to join the Prague Pillagers (2016 Central Europe Touch Champions) who train and travel around to European tournaments throughout various weekends during the summer.

For further details on joining Adult/Senior touch, contact us on Facebook, or at info@czechtouch.cz